Alien Sightings

While there are numerous alien photos, many of which have been proven hoaxes, several others have withstood critical analysis and at least raise the spectre of alien visitation, occupation and in some cases, abduction. One such photo is the top left image made by Police Chielf Greenshaw of the Falkville, Alabama police force in October of 1973. The Chief was called to the scene of an alien sighting where he was confronted by a humanoid creature in a silver suit. The "creature" dashed off into the woods, however, the Chief was able to snap one photo which shows the highly reflective surface of the exterior of the creature as well as contrasty lighting, indicative of artifical light at night.

The Ilkley Moore alien (middle left) was also encountered by a policeman, albeit retired. Philip Spencer had recently moved to Yorkshire and was walking to his in-laws' house hoping to photograph some of the strange light he had seen in the Moor. He encountered a small figure who seemed to be warning him to stay away. Spencer pursued the figure and arrived at an alien landing site to witness the craft rising and disappearing into the sky. He managed to snap the image which shows the small creature.

In July, 1993, a ceramicist named Filiberto Caponi from the Abruzzo region claimed to have encountered aliens (bottom left) near his home on at least four occasions, photographing one of the beings mutlitple times. In support of his claim, several others reported evidence of radar presence of an alien ship by facilities in Rome and Marche. According to these reports, authorities scrambled air defense and destroyed a UFO with two missiles. Several projectiles were seen falling from the destroyed ship.

While these various creatures are disparate in their scale and appearance, they are uniform in their androgyny. Neither their clothing nor their morphologies display any gender. Their appearance on earth represents power beyond the grasp of the mortal human being. In their ability to perform superhuman feats, these aliens, at least in appearance, have evolved beyond the necessity to engage in the most base of human concerns, the need to propagate, to seek their equal but missing halves.

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