The Bearded Lady

Baroness Sidonia de Barcsy (left) was born in Hungary in 1866. She grew her beard after the birth of her midget son Nicu. Notice her masculine looking arms, shoulders and other facial features. Grace Gilbert (middle left) was born in Michigan in 1876 and developed a six inch beard by adulthood. She performed with Barnum and Bailey in the first part of the 20th century. After her marriage to her cousin in 1910, she temporarily gave up performing, appearing in public only with a veil over her face. Madame Clofullia (bottom left) performed with Barnum in the 1850's. She was accused of being a man posing as a woman, but proved her doubters wrong after the birth of a daughter. Jennifer Miller (below) was born in 1960 and began growing facial hair and performing in sideshows around the age of 20. She used the shows as a platform to address feminine stereotypes and gender discrimination, eventually starting her own politically based sideshow called Zenobia. Madame Delait, middle below, was born in 1865 and toured with a sideshow group in Europe. After marrying, she started a cafe in France called Cafe de la Femme Barbe which was immensely successful.

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Baroness Sidonia

Grace Gilbert

Madame Clofullia

Madame Delait

Jennifer Miller