Androgyny Image

Androgyny Image

The Church of Satan Symbol: Baphomet

Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes, as drawn here by Eliphas Levi is the symbol of the Church of Satan. This creature embodies multiple forms of contradiction or opposites including the combination of man and animal, night and day and man and woman. This aggregation of mismatched components was created in opposition to the articulated "purity" of religious figureheads such as Christ and Allah who are viewed as representing the most desirable human qualities including love and forgiveness.

While mainstream religion certainly denounces the devil in name, there may be at least one odd parallel between Satanic worship and Christianity. They both advocate a departure from traditional gender roles in the course of seeking enlightenment. Christianity advocates embracing the body of Christ as the ultimate fulfillment, a path which has led many to release their physical gender roles including devotees such as the Shakers, Preists, Nuns, Monks and the Pope. Satanists also advocate the abandonment of traditional gender role by engaging sexually with both men and women equally as opposed to abandoning sexual activity altogether.

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