Chubby Little Babies

Chubby little babies like the ones here seen in two cabinet cards and one photo postcard represent the non-physical spirit world from which these infants recently arrived. Newborns have few of the physical characteristics which later define sexual identity and are often dressed and adorned in purely utilitarian, rather than gender specific clothing, aside from the ubiquitous pink and blue schemes for girls and boys respectively.

As they are socialized and raised to survive the world, their bodies are trained and developed to assure the survival of themselves and others around them. This training and the resulting appearance of the body as it matures revolves largely around taking on a specific gender identity to begin the process of courting and procreation.

As a precursor to all this, however, infancy allows the genderless spirits which inhabit newborns to accustom themselves to their recent incarnations for a short period of continuing androgyny before having to take on a specific sexuality.

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