The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Androgyny

Versace fashion falls in line with a multitude of other designers who proceed on the notion that both men and women desire to be "alluring". Versace herself states that "My clothes are merely the choice of a woman or a man who wants to be seen and discovered". This couldn't be further from the truth, as far as men are concerned. While women are socialized from a young age, through parenting and exposure to the media, to be alluring, confident and sexy, men are socialized through sports activities and other rituals to be powerful. They seek notice not from how they look, but by what they do or could do, judging by their stature and appearance of power. Men seek to discover, not be discovered. They seek to conquer the most alluring females, not attract them by means of their own allure.


This departure from cultural norms by Versace and others leads to the homogeneity in styling and couture between their men's and women's clothing and those who adopt these styles as seen in the image at left.


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