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1. Vishnu

The Hindu God of Protection

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2. Karyl Norman

A pre-prohibition New York "pansy club" performer.

3. ET

Steven Spielberg's beloved humanoid alien.

4. Kismet the Robot

One of the latest "sympathetic" robots.

5. George Sand

The self-invented gender bending novelist and critic.

6. Incubus and Succubus

Intermediaries for illicit intercourse invented in the middle ages.

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7. Black Hawk

A highly successful war chief of the early 19th century.

8. Darfur Victim

One of the millions of starved and displaced.

9. Elephant Man

The misshapen John Merrick as portrayed by John Hurt.

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10. Tootsie

Hoffman as Dorothy Michaels, one of his most memorable characters.


By all accounts, China has been an excellent host for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, catering to a variety of needs and fulfilling expectations. China has reminded the world, however, that not all is as it seems to be. After the opening ceremony, it was revealed that the spectacular fireworks display seen on televisions around the world was actually the product of a very proficient computer animator. In addition, the crystal clear singing voice of the young girl was actually the voice of another girl dubbed in for the occasion. Such deception has also been implied in relation to the qualifications of at least two Chinese gymnasts who appear to be under the minimum age of 16 and in fact listed their ages as under 16 for two previous competitions.

While the Chinese women were awarded the team gold for the all around competition, one German woman, Oksana Chusovitina, the Androgyne of the Week, managed to win an individual silver medal in the woman's vault. She completed the feat with a heavy dose of irresistible charm and boyish good looks. Congratulations Oksana.





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August 18, 2008